Provide its customers with a wide variety of competitively priced, high quality knit and cut & sew headwear. Focusing on providing unsurpassed customer service, accommodating the customer with low production minimums, depth of experience and quick turn around gives brands the confidence that Do-Gree Sourcing is their exclusive manufacturing partner. We pride ourselves on being one of the largest knit and cut & sew headwear suppliers in the world. With offices in Canada, United States, Asia, and Europe, our serviceability is unmatched. We can construct any type of headwear giving our customers the confidence to be their exclusive manufacturing partner.


Our private brand business has grown significantly on an annual basis. We work with a full range of companies, including some of the highest profile names in the action, lifestyle, outdoor, and snow sports industries.

We specialize in building accessory programs for companies and helping them realize the potential of their brands. Our team of 15+ merchandisers and designers is ready to adopt your project at any step during the process, to ensure, through communication and experience, that we deliver the right product on time.


  • Privately owned and managed
  • Full-time design and development team at your disposal
  • Dedicated merchandisers and customer service agents
  • Global logistics and transportation support


Do-Gree Sourcing is a dedicated division of Do-Gree Fashions, catering to our clientele who have special requirements for customized headwear accessories for unique promotional opportunities.

Do-Gree Sourcing’s commitment to excellence in design and fabrication is the prime most principle and ideology in our long-lived company history. Once Do-Gree Sourcing has a clear understanding of our clients’ requirements and end-goals, we design and create extraordinary products, incorporating sophisticated graphics, silhouettes and novelty yarns, fabrics – offering unsurpassed seamless service and problem-free expertise for customer satisfaction. Do-Gree Sourcing offers the most accessible custom-made products with the lowest minimum deliveries and the most competitive prices. In this ever-changing world, we have proudly undertaken corporate social responsibility by utilizing sustainable materials and fabrication, ensuring that all our employees and factories adhere to strict and transparent environmental and working conditions. We never lose sight of our mission, and our customers’ satisfaction. The driven pursuit of our team of invaluable employees is customer satisfaction. Having relationships built with integrity and respect has been a catalyst for our company’s success with all our clients. Our clients are the reason we strive for perfection and excellence.


Ethics and standards are a growing part of the world economy and culture when
dealing in today’s markets. Do-Gree Sourcing has maintained a corporate initiative to ensure that all its associated facilities producing private label products are adhering to the principles within our Supplier Workplace Code of Conduct. The goal of this program is to help educate our suppliers, factory manager and agents about our social principles, and work together towards continuous improvement in this area.


  • Mandatory Participation
  • Independent Assessment Company (CSCC)
  • Periodic Assessments (with an annual assessment target)
  • Violation Reporting and Correction Action Compliance


In its many years of manufacturing overseas, Do-Gree Fashions have established a solid foundation of specialized factories to meet all our clients product development needs. We currently manufacture in over eight countries, and source raw materials from all over the world.

After 30 years experience of importing products, you can expect to get the best price, the highest quality, and the capacity to handle any size order. As we navigate through the uncertainty of tariffs, we also import from countries such as Mexico, Indonesia, Vietnam, and the Philippines.

  • Large overseas network allows programs to be produced in specialized factories.
  • Our production capabilities gives you a vast array of design options.
  • Daily communications with our partners results in faster sampling and on-time fulfillment.
  • Company owned offices in Asia, Canada, United States and Europe provides unmatched customer service.